The Venuses of Monruz

"Thrilled to promote new series of Venus dildos. They were inspired by the Venus of Monruz, who is a figurine from 11,000 years ago: a pendant Venus, measuring 1.8 cm in height. It was discovered in 1991 in Neuchâtel, Switzerland.

Monruz Venus figurines - the clitoral toys - shaped like the ancient original, will be on sale and on display starting from September 9, 2016 till mid-October at the Special Moments Sex Shop in Zurich. With more Venuses from the previous exhibit, 
Call me Venus

The Venuses are made of ceramics and glass. They easily adjust to your the body temperature, are clitoris friendly and give you the great pleasure of experiencing an art piece on your clitoris: 'Pleasure yourself with an artpiece'

Small-sized Venuses like these were produced as carrying dildos, as clitoral toys, by ancient women. The purpose of the carving was the subject of much speculation. Through the male dominated history writing it was said that the Venus figurines were associated with fertility and childbearing.
From a patriarchal point of view, being both nude and woman, these figures fitted perfectly into the patriarchal construction of the history of art: the woman with this shape at a prehistoric age must have been associated with motherhood and fertility. But this should also remind us that being a woman is not all about motherhood or giving birth. These beautifully shaped female figures are great examples of the attractiveness and beauty of women in all forms and eras. The Venuses are posing from the matriarchal ages with sexuality and attractiveness.

There are ~31 types of Monruz series Venuses, specially created for using and wearing."

Photos: Zeynep Özkanca


Cabaret der Künstler - Manifesta 11 - Zurich - August/September 2016.