"Ceylan Öztrük is proposing a new use of domestic space and its elements. She is re-narrating and transforming various these spaces, assimilating them into a speculative fiction concept by regenerating their formations and features. She offers the possibility of using a space and its elements for self-pleasure, against a heteronormative context and its assigned, so-called gender roles.
In a showroom presentation she promotes alternative domestic aesthetics, transforming non-functional wares into sculptures with a function, newly displayed. These have the potential to be used not simply within any interchangeable interior, but ones from the artist's own lived experience, such as the house she grew up in. The exhibition functions as a showroom display by presenting the new approach and the sculptures."

Press text, from Speculative Domestics : Ai (Artificial Intimacy) Showroom, 2019
Alienze, Lausanne