(Shedhalle column replica in silicone, mould paintings on walls)

Ceylan Öztrük cretes alternatives and variations as art works to the space of Shedhalle. She works on the new possibilities on re-creating and re-narrating the solid structures of the architecture and the institution, contextually and ideally.
One of her interventions in the space is a silicone replica-sculpture of Shedhalle columns, which stays among other columns, that cannot erect properly. The work proposes a possible softness to the architecture and offers a new set up to the potent structure of the concept. Among the rest of the columns, this column will propose to conduct a criticism towards the potent and unbendable structures by its softness.
Besides this work, Öztrük also creates mould work by interfering the big white walls of Shedhalle. While these moulds represent a rottenness of a structure, it is actually another life that grows in. These moulds challenge the bright massive whiteness of the so-called white cube. With the soft column and moulded walls Ceylan Öztrük creates a scene in Shedhalle, produces an extra worldling by bringing alternatives to the space.  

Extraworlding, Shedhalle, 2021, curated by Thea Riffler, Philipp Bergman