Private Investigator is an intervention/performance based on the notion of art education, which was initiated in Villa Arson Contemporary Art School’s (Nice, FR), during my stay as a guest lecturer/resident artist. I worked as a private investigator on the campus, opening up an office for students and faculty to visit, bringing me cases that they wanted me to investigate—where individuals came with questions or inquiries that they asked me to further investigate.
The goal was to blur the hierarhical boundaries between the lecturer and the student. By forming a collaboration between the educator and the student; The objective was to create and to propose a democratic space between student and lecturer—the idea was to assign questions to each other together and to try to find the answers together without an obvious institutional hierarchy. The project aimed to conceive of a new artistic and discursive space through my role as a catalyst private investigator. 
Over the four months, several issues were investigated and discussed.This is an ongoing project and a research.