Pink Tabula Rasa, Cabaret Voltaire, Zürich, 06.10.2023–31.03.2024

Ceylan Öztrük‘s exhibition Pink Tabula Rasa extends the idea of manifestation with a group of works reminiscent of architectural elements with a propagandistic purpose. At second glance, however, the paper sculptures seem ironic, as they are deprived of any function and convey images or writing that do not refer to anything concrete. Perhaps they are to be understood as artistic «counter- or anti-monuments,» but they can also be read, as Öztrük‘s overall contribution titled «Pink Tabula Rasa» suggests, as a possible re-description. In keeping with the title «Phantsm Manifesto,» she also wants to give space to the imaginary, surreal, or illusory aspects of a particular concept.

Ceylan Öztrük‘s «Choreographed Manifestos» sculptures hold photocopied manifestos, which allow the papers to glide along the walls like leaflets. The artist is interested in how information formally circulates and who feels empowered to share what knowledge. Visitors can take the manifestos with them and take them to the streets.

Phantasm Manifesto, Instituto Svizzero Roma, IT: