LBH Saga, Performance, Löwenbrau Lebt! Curated by Michelle Akanji, Daniel Baumann, Lily-Pauline Koper und Oliver Roth, Kunsthalle Zürich, 2018
Performance & Sound Installation, Vibrant Matter by Jane Bennet

Imagine the Löwenbrau-Areal’s toilet as a single performing organism, with each bowl as an extremity. What would be if the Löwenbräu’s toilet could talk or read a manifesto to you? How would a demonstration be encountered in the public toilets of Löwenbräu? In this performance installed for Löwenbräu Lebt! by visual artist Ceylan Öztrük, the toilet is humanized as a voice that demonstrates. By doing this, it not only breaks ground for an artistic intervention at an unusual performance venue, it also addresses concealed issues, and finally let’s us hear the toilets honest words.

Photos by Diana Pfammatter