I assumed the role of a historian in the solo show 'history in lowercase' in Istanbul. I narrated from the subjective perspective of a historian how history is written through an artist’s individuality.

The works on display, as method of a try out, seek similarities between the subjective perspective of history writing and an artist’s practice, and then combine these. While these works sustain a process in their own right, they copy the abstract forms and practices of some social environments. Inside the exhibition they created a new movement at the space and they generated a suitable occasion for the viewer to spend a productive time in this space. This new space where the viewer was also involved, turned into a common area.

In 'history in lowercase', besides dealing with the subjective approach of history writing as an artist and keeping the process proceeding, a structure had been formed to develop the process of the show and the context. While the making period of the exhibition was included to this process, the past of the show was exhibited and the subjective history writing was visualized.

Establishing sub-textual connections with one another while playing an indispensable role in the transformation of space; ready-mades, images created by me, video and documents were brought together in a large installation that spreaded to the whole space, influencing its own pieces. Transforming the way viewers move within the show and how they see it, the installation related the movement of viewers and their perception of space to the process of history-writing.

2015, Istanbul