An unerect pedestal is lying on the floor. It died or it's tired. Surely, it gave up to handle, to carry, to bring the work on an eye level. Can’t handle a work or won’t handle the work. A dream itself or it is dreaming, like how one cannot run, cannot grasp, nor cannot manage a task in a dream. Pedestal becomes the artwork itself, without the duty - can’t handle or won’t handle. It releases itself: not pretending a symmetry nor an erection to be a device, a mediator; but being itself with a significant and critical gesture. Is it itself now? Can it be a self today? It is not its owned form anymore; but it is, but a new one.

The dreaming pedestal melts down the white modernism, an only pedestal that not serving to the market, in the fair.

  ? Laureate of Swiss Art Awards, 2022