dear past, the Tea Tasting

This mixture was created from different several teas from different regions of Turkei and Middle East, from the cities where different memories reside. The tea makes the person who drinks it to remember, to see and to recall the memories that the geography holds, with a slogan: When you drink the tea, you know the all.
The memory, which never drops off in present day geography, is tried to keep alive. Whoever tastes this special mixture her/his memory would build up. Besides the knowledge of the memory, the feeling it gives, here offered as a taste. The tea tasting is focusing on the sense of memory and combines with a phrase which is remembered with a quite significance. "Dear past, thank you for all the lessons. Dear future. I am ready". 

The teas and their regions/cities:
Rosehips (Sivas), Ceylon (Southern East), Sage (West Anatolia),
Bergamot (Mersin, Hatay)