Ceylan Öztrük was here

“Ceylan Öztrük was here” is a project of a performance which had lasted for 5 days in New York City. I randomly asked people to take my pictures around the city at different spots. I kept a diary of this 5 days as I was striving to find poeple to take my pictures. Finally a collection of 51 different photos had occurred which served as proofs of me being there. The pictures were kept just as same as they were taken, even the quadrages. I signed these photographs by saying “Ceylan Öztürk was here” and afterwards I left them, among 51 different books in Strand Bookstore in New York. It was about dealing with the context of being tourist and being invisible in a city; this deals with being visible somewhere different. To a foreigner the city is a second handbook; already been written and already been read.

51 photographs, 10x15cm in several book in Strand Bookstore, NYC, 2013.