Call me Venus, Reviews

Call me Venus, Reviews is an experimental film in which the Venuses are reinterpreted by different women. Women talk about the Venuses as well as their own experiences of being a woman.

Just like in dildo reviews, Venuses have been distributed to different women and they were asked to film their own reviews of the Venuses. 5 women thus made the parts that make up this film:
Alex Haas, Annina Machaz, Ann Liv Young, Merve Ünsal, Ceylan Öztrük.

While the new reviews are commentaries on the reproduced venuses, I also wanted this film to function as a new/alternative film about the Venuses. The goal was to produce a film in which Venuses were interpreted by women, not men. This film is a visual manifesto of the Call me Venus project. The Reviews are the last product and the final phase of this project.

The reviews also present the issue of the useable art object. The art object literally being useable, its being a pleasure object, its fetishisation all open up new possibilities.