"The boat of Another Map to Nevada encounters a man having a breakdown on the pier of Lake Biel. He appears to be outbursting of masculinity, as he vehemently expresses and talking to himself. He bursts out screaming and then yells to those on the boat, 'Bro! Cover your damn nipples!' We witness his isolated moment, as he struggles to control himself. Due to the distance between us and him, the water separating us, we can't catch everything he is saying. However, we manage to make out some of his outbursts: 'Grow some pussy!'
When he realizes that people are watching him, he attempts to explain, 'Oh, the emotions I had. It was big girl, it was big’.
'It was exactly that big.’ he shows". 

'Dude, you need to toughen up!' I responded, 'Yeah, tough like a marshmallow!'

Bentdown, Another Map to Nevada Biel/Bienne, The Performance Agency in collaboration with Krone Couronne, photograph by Reto Schmid, July 2023
Performer: Marc Schuetz