Ceylan Öztrük

Q, is a speculative fiction story that is constituted of a feminist linguistic manifesto. The story takes place in Zürich in a different possibility, telling a story of migration and the interaction between the character, Quibilah, and administrative buildings. It is narrated in magic realism genre. The book consists 3 languages of the story: German, English and Turkish.

The interaction between these three languages in the book is, the third singular gender in German (er/sie/es) and English (he/she/it) are eliminated and genderless third singular (o) is imitated from Turkish. To be able to integrate this genderless linguistic, various pronouns were invented such as, om, os, oself.

See the installation view of the book in Helmhaus, Q (installation)

Written by Ceylan Öztrük

Übersetzung ins Deutsche/Translation from Turkish to German/Türkçeden Almancaya çeviri
Tevfik Turan

Übersetzung ins Englische/Translation From Turkish to English/Türkçeden Ingilizceye çeviri
Özden Arikan

Copyediting/Lektorat, Transcreation/Transkreation, Proofreading/Korrektorat
Nadine Kube, Kevin Lossner

Grafik/Graphic design/Tasarim
Vela Arbutina

Druckerei Odermatt AG

Herausgegeben anlässlich von/
Published in the context of
Eine Ausstellung für Dich/An Exhibition for You

Kurator/Curator: Daniel Morgenthaler

Helmhaus Zürich
22.9. bis 19.11.2017
ISBN 978-3-906396-68-2
© Ceylan Öztrük and Helmhaus Zürich, 2017